Natural cosmetics on highest Level

Who we are

MELISSE is beauty and care. Our products made in Austria combine precious plant extracts and nourishing ingredients to achieve the highest standards of cosmetics.

What we do

the exSustainable beauty care is the core philosophy behind our basic skincare line. By deliberately abstaining from the usage of silicones and colorants MELISSE stands for dermatologically tested skin-care that nurtures withour stressing.

Our Products

Our basic skincare line, consisting of Facial Water, Cleansing Foam, Face Lotion and Night Cream, nurtures your skin with natural ingredients and illuminates it from within.




Purifying Facial Water

Our delicate, fragrant Facial Water makes your skin feel smoother from morning to night. The well-balanced combination of soothing, regenerating and moisturizing functions ensures noticable relief. Pore-refining peppermint beautifies the skin, the unique cherry blossom enhances the natural shine and makes your skin look young and vital.

 Application: For all skin-types, especially for large-pored, dry and saggy skin.

  • Natural extracts from cherry and peppermint 
  • Without artificial colores
  • Refreshing toner for deep cleansing of normal and combination skin 
  • Moisturizing formula nurishes the skin and refines skin complexion




Nurturing Cleansing Foam

This extra mild cleansing foam from natural ingredients refreshes like a soft spring breeze. By gently removing layer-deep impurities it ensures the right balance of your skin. Provitamin B5 promotes your skin´s native regenerative powers. Increased softness and increased vitality, awarded with the highest seal of the German Allergy ans Asthma Association (DAAB).


Application: All skin-types, especially for sensitive and easily irritable skin. Compatibility tested for children age 3 and beyond


  • DAAB certified, hypoallergenic cosmetic product 
  • Without artificial colors
  • Moisturizing glycerin used at 4.6%
  • Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing D-panthenol (=provitamin B5) with 1% concentration also has skin-care effect
  • Use concentration of the skin remover of 1% gives the skin the required amount of fats, which has been lost by washing

Moisturizing Face Lotion 

Fresh like morning dew. This is our face lotion certified by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB). With Provitamin B5, your skin recovers from the inside outwards and develops an immaculate complexion. Hyaloronic acid adds additional moisture and multiplies the softness of your skin. Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 support the elasticity of your skin and thus counteract signs of skin aging. 


Application: For all skin types, especially for sensitive, dry and saggy skin.

  • DAAB certified, hypoallergenic cosmetic product
  • Without artificial colors
  • Without perfume
  • Moisturizing glycerin used at 2.6%
  • Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing D-panthenol (=provitamin B5) with 1% concentration
  • Long-chained hyaloronic acid molecules with 0.2% concentration not only act as mopisturizers, but also as anti-aging active incredients, which alleviate the firt signs of premature skin aging.
  • Anti-inflammatory Vitamin E used at 1%
  • Coenzyme Q10 as anti-aging incredient
  • Skin-caring and moisturizing lactic acid with 0.09% has additionally skin-smoothing effects



Regenerating Night Cream

Your skin soft as snow, enhanced by the excellent regenerating powers of our night cream. While you sleep, it soothes irriated and dry spots. The rich raspberry extract regenerates the original vitality and radiance. For notaceable purity and elasticity - like a touch of silk. 
Application: For all skin-types, especially for saggy and dry skin, in the case of early aging phenomena and particularly greasy skin.
  • Without artificial colors
  • Natural extracts of wild raspberry - combined with fresh and fruity scents
  • Regenerating night care for normal and combination skin
  • Soy and almond oils regenerate the skin and give the skin a break
  • Moisturizing night care for normal and combination skin

We love what we do!